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Certificate of matriculation

An original of the certificate of matriculation has to be submitted by the tenant each semester without delay (and without special request) to the respective person in charge.

The General Lease Terms provide the following rules:

§1 Occupancy entitlement
(2) The tenant is obliged to submit an original matriculation certificate without delay (and without special request) for the ongoing semester (deadline for each winter semester: 30 November; deadline each summer semester: 31 May) to the Studentenwerk In case the tenant does not fulfil this obligation, reminder (with a fixed period of time) of the Studentenwerk notwithstanding, the tenancy agreement can be terminated with good cause without notice.

The matriculation certificate can be dropped into the letter box of the Studentenwerk. In this case please use an envelope labeled at least with the name of your person in charge and the reference "Wohnen".

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