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Paying in our canteens and cafeterias

In our canteens and cafeterias the easiest way to make cashless payments is with the MensaCard Emeal.
The chip card is the official cashless payment method in our facilities.

Photo: A hand holding a MensaCard Emeal

Info about MensaCard Emeal

Detailed information regarding purchase, top up credit, return, loss und block your MensaCard Emeal.

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Top up credit with Autoload

Autoload enables you to quickly and easily top up the credit on your MensaCard Emeal.

Foto: Hand hält Emeal-Chipkarte

Order meal vouchers online

You can order meal vouchers for our canteens directly online for conferences or for guests from other universities.

Questions and answers

FAQ about canteens

The most frequently asked questions and answers regarding our canteens and cafeterias.

Card service

Emeal card service

With the service you can track your payments, block your Emeal or adjust the value for Autoload debit order.

Problems or questions?

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You can send us your questions quickly and easily via our central contact form.