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When and how will I be informed about the room allocation?

After you have submitted your online application successfully, you will immediately receive an automatic delivery notice. Another e-mail containing further information will be send to you within five work days. Except the move-in months of September. October, November, the allocation will principally take place two months before your desired date of move-in. To guarantee equality of the studies with and without restriction, the allocation for the months of September, October, November will be published not sooner than 5 weeks before the desired date of move-in. You will receive the information about acceptance or declining of student accommodation, as well as a placement on our waitlist via e-mail.

Please note: Always check your other e-mail folders (e.g. spam, unknown sender). Please note that the e-mail addresses of our staff in charge consist of the following items: prename.surname@... Sometimes e-mails with an unknown sender will be delivered into the spam folder. In case you have not received any notice within a reasonable period of time, please call us (+49 (0)351 – 4697 615).