Arrived at your study location

Willkommen, welcome, bienvenue…

We hope you had a good trip and have found accommodation. Remember that you are required to register your place of residence at the resident registration office (German: Einwohnermeldeamt) in Dresden, Zittau or Görlitz within two weeks of moving in. This is mandatory in Germany if you stay longer than three months.
In the first week, you should open a current account at the bank of your choice in Germany. If you are planning to live in a Studentenwerk Dresden student dorm, you will not need a bank account when you register online. But after you’ve signed your rental contract, you should open a bank account within the next few days.

Residence hall tutors for foreign students can help you register your place of residence and open a bank account.

Studying in Dresden, Zittau or Görlitz is free of charge. But you will need to pay Studentenwerk Dresden’s semester fee. The semester fee is not tuition and includes among others semester ticket that permits you to use local public transport free of charge. Find out the payment methods at the institution you will be attending.

Please note that to successfully enroll at an institution of higher education, you must first pay Studentenwerk Dresden’s semester fee.

Do not forget to ask your insurance provider for proof of coverage. In Germany, health insurance is compulsory for students.

You have your certificate of admission, you’ve paid the semester fee and you have taken out a health insurance policy? Then you should now receive your student ID from your university.

Now you can register for classes, explore your university and find the quickest way to the closest canteen or cafeteria ... Just enjoy student life!

Checklist – Good preparation is everything

  • Have I found the right university and received my certificate of admission to study?
  • Have I (where necessary) applied for a visa in time?
  • Do I have health insurance?
  • Do I need other forms of insurance?
  • Do I have all the documents I need for my residence permit?
  • Do I have a passport? Is it valid for long enough?
  • Do I have proof of finances?
  • Are my language skills sufficient?
  • Do I have accommodation – for the interim at least?
  • How can I hook up to the Internet? Will my mobile phone work abroad?

Checklist – Welcome to Dresden

  • Have I registered my new place of residence?
  • Do I have a current account in Germany?
  • Do I have proper health insurance?
  • Have I applied for my residence permit?
  • Have I paid the semester fee?
  • Do I have all the documents necessary to get my student ID?
  • Am I signed up for classes?
  • When are exams?
Checklist as PDF

And here are a few more practical tips:

All about studying ...

Tips for everyday life ...

  • With your semester ticket, you can travel in Dresden and throughout most of Saxony. The TU Dresden student council (StuRa in German) can provide more information. Use public transportation. It is safe in Germany and much more affordable than taking a taxi.
  • In Germany, people often pay with cash. So always remember to carry enough cash. There are ATMs all over town. Caution: Depending on your bank, some ATMs may charge a fee for withdrawals.
  • In Germany, most stores are closed on Sundays and holidays. But some grocery stores in Dresden are also open on Sunday (e.g. at the main train station or Bahnhof Neustadt).
  • The German constitution or Basic Law guarantees freedom of religion and freedom of practicing religion. In Dresden, there are many religious (and student) congregations where you can practice your religion.
  • Waste sorting is very important in Germany. Here are some video clips explaining waste sorting or the deposit system.
  • Public WiFi is not necessarily as common in Germany as in your country of origin. Find out before you leave where you can surf online for free. At the main train station, you can go online for 30 minutes free of charge. Many cafés also offer free WiFi.
  • Eduroam is available at TU Dresden, HTW Dresden or at the University of Zittau/Görlitz. At the Saxon State and University Library (or SLUB for short), you can also access WiFi free of charge.
  • Read about the license fee for TV, radio and computers.