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How many rooms will be available on my arrival date?

Unfortunately, providing information to number of available rooms at a certain location would not accelerate the application process in any manner, especially for the winter semester. On the one hand, such information would only be a momentary snapshot of the current situation, and on the other hand it would not consider the current applicant situation.

If, for example, information is released in July that residence home X will have 20 available rooms on October 1st, it could be that 30 people have already applied for these exact rooms. In such a case, a new applicant could suppose that they would have no chance of receiving a room in this house. If residence hall X is a WOMIKO-house however, and of the 30 applicants there are only 19 WOMIKO-applicants, a new applicant could suppose that they have a chance of receiving one of the available rooms, provided they too were a WOMIKO-applicant. Such arrangements can only be seen during the initial residency placement, which first takes place five weeks before the scheduled moving-in date for the months of September, October, and November. In this manner, we are able to consider the greatest number of applicants for residency, including those in Numerus Clausus degree programs.

Therefore, the number of vacant rooms cannot, and should not be a deciding factor for your choice of residence during the application process. Nevertheless, we ask you to consider the following: