Moving out of student hall

Regardless of the reason (limitation, cancellation etc.), we will inform you in written form 6 weeks prior to the termination of your tenant contract. The letter will be delivered to your mailbox of the student residence and will contain the following advice:

  • Fix a date with the janitor for the delivery of the inventory. Your presence is necessary in order to affirm the inventory and possible defects. Please provide your inventory sheet.
  • Your move-out including the delivery of all keys has to be effected on the last work day of the last month of your tenancy by 12 o’clock at the latest. In case your last day of tenancy is a holiday or on weekends, the delivery will be effected on the last workday before (see §11 (2) AMB).
  • Please remove all objects that do not belong to the apartment in order to avoid removal charges.
  • Please sign off any other services (i.e. internet).
  • In case you have rented a parking space, please hand back the respective keys.
  • If all the requirements mentioned above have been met, the Studentenwerk will transfer your disposal to your bank account within 10 weeks (2,5 months) after your move-out.
  • Please do not forget to inform the registration office about your change of address.