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This web page presents large- and small-scale sustainability projects from different divisions of Studentenwerk Dresden.

The result is an overview of sustainable solutions already found and implemented in daily activities and cooperation with students and other partners, as well as the effects and potential these projects offer.

Student Dining Services

  • Reusable to-go dishes

    In order to minimize disposable packaging waste for the to-go menu in our cafeterias, we found, in Relevo, a partner for sustainable reusable dishes.

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  • World Vegan Day

    The student environmental initiative TUUWI, which, through three working groups, has long been in dialog with the Studentenwerk Dresden Student Dining Services division, draws attention to the benefits of the vegan diet on World Vegan Day on November 1.

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Student Housing

  • Energy renovation of the student residence halls at Gret-Palucca-Straße 9 and 11

    Various sustainability aspects regarding energy efficiency and thermal insulation were taken into consideration during planning the renovation of the two high-rise student residence halls on Gret-Palucca-Straße.

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  • Garbage collection event - a Welcome tutors initiative

    Every year, lots of students accept the invitation of our Welcome tutors to walk through their own neighborhoods and collect any garbage lying around. The event creates a sense of community in addition to being both sustainable and fun!

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  • Bicycle inventory

    Old, defective, and abandoned bicycles are a familiar sight in and around residence halls – but what happens with them? Our motto is “Fix, don’t throw away!” so the bikes are taken to self-help workshops, where old bikes are put in working condition on a full-time and voluntary basis, social added value included.

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