Areas of operation at Studentenwerk Dresden

Find out more about the different areas of operation and professions at Studentenwerk Dresden.

Student Dining Services

Our canteens and cafeterias boast a great culinary variety as well as smooth, fast, and friendly service. Our teams include kitchen managers, chefs, and assistant chefs as well as kitchen and service staff.

Student Housing

Our student residence halls offer a pleasant learning and working atmosphere, friendly roommates and neighbors, and are always situated close to your university. Our teams include facility managers, case officers, and technicians.

Student Financing

We answer questions about financing your studies and are happy to advise you on all topics related to money and your studies. Our teams include lawyers, administrative assistants, and case officers.

Counseling and Social Affairs

We offer independently operated childcare places and help students in difficult phases of their studies as well as with sudden financial problems. We also advise students in case of physical or health impairments or pregnancy during their studies. Our teams include, among others, education specialists, social consultants, and psychological-educational consultants.

Culture and International Affairs

Studentenwerk Dresden organizes a wide range of events to promote international exchange and cultural interests. These include international student exchange programs, language trips, exhibitions, and cultural events. Our teams include web designers, communication specialists, and media managers.


We handle personnel matters and ensure quality management. Our tasks include financial accounting and business planning as well as the procurement of raw materials and supplies. We also ensure the smooth operation of everything IT at Studentenwerk Dresden. Our teams include business economists, lawyers, financial accountants, office administrators, computer scientists, and case officers.

Real Estate and Construction

Our Real Estate and Construction Division is responsible for the renovation and maintenance of our student residence halls and canteens. The staff members are responsible for technical supervision, coordinating the contractual basis for all Studentenwerk property, and managing commissioned projects as well as the delivery, billing, and evaluation of service charges and phone charges. Our team includes architects, graduate civil engineers, real estate specialists, and technicians.

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