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How sure can I be about accurate labelling with regard to possible allergens?

We do everything we can to ensure accurate indication of allergenic substances. Our inventory control system stores all of our foods with their respective labelling. As soon as a new product is added to the inventory, it is immediately registered in the system with its corresponding label. In addition, this data is continuously updated each time there is a change of supplier.

The Chef de cuisine arrange the menus with the inventory control system, which automatically takes care of the labelling. This information can now be transferred onto the online menu, the canteen-lobby monitors and the printed labels on the service counters. Everything within this process is fully automated so as to prevent transmission errors. Furthermore it is essential that canteen employees are well-informed about food allergies. In accordance, all staff members of our canteens have been comprehensively trained on this subject.

All information given is based on material we receive from the producers and deliverers. Due to the great variety of products, it is possible that cross-contaminations and parts of unlisted ingredients occur. Moreover it cannot be ruled out that ingredients mix when meals are served due to the work process of a canteen kitchen. Therefore we cannot guarantee that there are no other ingredients in the meals than listed.The Studentenwerk Dresden assumes no liability for the completeness of the ingredients listed.

Labelling of allergens in our canteens and cafeterias
Letter Allergen
A cereals containing gluten
B crustaceans
C eggs
D fish
E peanuts
F soya
G milk / milk sugar (lactose)
H shell fruits (nuts)
I celery
J mustard
K sesame
L sulfite / sulfur dioxide
M lupine
N molluscs
Labelling of allergens in our canteens and cafeterias
Labelling of allergens in our canteens and cafeterias