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Can I eat at the canteens as a guest?

Yes, there are three options for guests:

1. Cash payment at the checkouts

You can eat in every canteen for marked guest prices and pay in cash at the checkouts.

2. Purchase of meals vouchers at the service points

You can purchase meals vouchers in small quantities (max. 20 a day) at every service point in the big canteens (Alte Mensa, Mensa Reichenbachstraße, Zeltschlösschen, Mensologie and Mensa Siedepunkt) and in the service manager’s office. You can only pay in cash and receive a receipt. You cannot return any vouchers that you did not use.

3. Ordering meals vouchers for conference guests – billing trough centralized invoice receipt at TU Dresden or third parties.

Meals vouchers can be ordered online via: We will deposit the requested amount of vouchers (at least ten) at the service point/service manager’s office of that particular canteen. If you like to use the vouchers within the next three days or buy less than 10 vouchers, you can only pay cash at a service point. We will take back 10% of the vouchers without any additional costs within three working days if you decide not to use them.

Are there any exceptions?

We do not issue meal vouchers for the "BioMensa U-Boot", i.e. you can only pay cash at the cash register.

What do the vouchers cost and what do I get for them?

The price for a guest meal voucher is 10.00 EUR and for students 6.50 EUR (From 1.1.2020 12,00 EUR for guests and 7,00 EUR for students). For the purchase of student meal voucher, proof must be presented that the person concerned is a student or pupil. For the value of the voucher, guests can choose a meal from the daily menu of the Mensa, plus a small drink and a dessert.