University Choir Zittau/Görlitz e.V.

Since March of 2009, KMD Neithard Bethke of Zittau has been the club’s choir leader, conductor and driving force (, Our nearly 20 choir members are largely students of the Zittau/Görlity University of Applied Sciences, but also graduates who have remained true to the choir

We sing a wide-ranging classical and contemporary repertoire and hold 3-4 concerts every year. Several times a year we prepare a large choir work with orchestral accompaniment and practice joint works with our partner choir from Prague. We rehearse once a week in Görlitz and Zittau, twice a month there is a joint rehearsal.

There are tryouts necessary to join the choir. We ask new choir members to make a conscious decision to join after the first few rehearsals. A good musical performance demands that scheduled rehearsals are attended and that each choir singer is an active member. Free voice training classes are offered for interested choral singers.

But recreation is also important! Going to a pub after rehearsal, choir weekends, choir hikes, theater together as well as opera and the choir trip—being a member in the choir is never boring! We are on the move a great deal in the border triangle of Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic and are always meeting interesting people through our choir work.

Further information on University Choir Zittau/Görlitz e.V.

Rehearsals Görlitz: Mondays 7:00 pm
Fee none
Contact E-Mail:
Performance modalities

  • The choir has a classical repertoire.

  • Performance fees on a negotiation basis. It is important to cover the cost price.

  • performance area for approx. 40 singers, possibly with chamber orchestra

  • The choir likes to combine concert performances with a choir weekend (for rehearsals etc.) and therefore needs rooms for accommodation.