meet & eat in our canteens

Logo meet & eat

You don't feel like eating alone? Well then, take a seat at our meet & eat-table and meet new people!

In October 2019, the first meet & eat-table was introduced in the East Hall of the canteen Alte Mensa. Thanks to the green color and the eye-catching logo, the table is easy to recognize.

Since February 2023, you will find a meet & eat-table in every canteen. The design has changed somewhat: now questions about food help you break the proverbial ice and get into conversation with each other.

Whether you're new in town or at the university, come from abroad, or just don't feel like spending your lunch break alone - the meet & eat-table offers you an additional opportunity to make contacts, exchange ideas with others, and, with a little luck, even make new friends.

We look forward to your feedback on the meet & eat project via our contact form.