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What will happen if I can’t finish my studies on time due to the corona pandemic?

In some cases it is possible to keep receiving BAföG if you don’t finish your degree on time. Delays caused by the corona pandemic may count as a serious ground that entitles you to receive BAföG past the maximum grant period.

If specified by you as the reason for the delay in finishing your education, the corona pandemic must be the direct cause of the delay. If you were already late in finishing your degree (e.g. due to a failed exam, unexcused absence, etc.), grounds such as university closure or canceled lectures cannot be considered. You are not automatically entitled to receive BAföG past the maximum grant period due to the corona pandemic. The Financial Aid Office will check your grounds on a case-by-case basis.

In addition to a written explanation of the delay in your studies on the form titled “Begründung für die Überschreitung der Förderungshöchstdauer” (English: Ground for overrunning the maximum grant period), which your BAföG contact person will be happy to provide you with, please include a copy of your transcript of records that shows you have successfully met all the credit requirements necessary for your degree as well as your results (including absence due to illness, failed and repeat attempts, unexcused absence, etc.).