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What should I do if my or my parents’ income situation changes?

Even if you haven’t received BAföG up until now, applying for BAföG might be worth it!

Due to the current situation, we recommend the following if there are any changes in your or your parents’ income situation.

  1. If you were previously able to finance your full-time studies from your own income and lose your job, you should check to see if you are eligible to receive BAföG. You can find all the application forms here: Apply for BAföG at Studentenwerk Dresden
  2. If you are currently a BAföG recipient and due to the economic situation in 2020, your parents’ income will likely be significantly reduced, you apply to update your grant to see if you might be eligible to receive more BAföG for the ongoing grant period. But please note that in this case, all income pertinent to the current calendar year are relevant; this might include income from 2019 or 2021. If you are considering applying to update your BAföG grant, we recommend contacting us beforehand. We can send you informational material that can help you file the application.
  3. If your studies are jeopardized due to your parents being unable to afford their contribution stipulated in your BAföG letter of approval due to reduced income, you are eligible to apply for advance aid as per § 36 BAföG. If this applies to you, we recommend contacting our Financial Aid Office before applying.