Studying abroad and BAföG?

The financial aid office responsible for the country where you want to study will be responsible for your BAföG if you want to study abroad, not your home university.

You can check the homepage of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research to find the financial aid office that will be responsible in your case.

You may be eligible to receive BAföG when studying abroad if you meet certain conditions in addition to meeting all the financial aid requirements that apply within Germany. But additional requirements apply.

You need to meet all the following requirements to be eligible to receive financial aid for your studies abroad:

  • Complementary attendance at certain foreign educational institutions as part of a German domestic degree program.
  • Attendance at a foreign educational institution as part of international cooperation between a German and at least one foreign educational institution where the courses build on each other to form one comprehensive education offered jointly by the German and foreign educational institutions (so-called integrated degree programs).
  • Attendance at an educational institution in a member state of the European Union where the studies can be started and continued within the European Union.
  • An internship required as part of attendance at certain German domestic educational institutions that meets the requirements of the study regulations and lasts for at least 12 weeks.

Sufficient knowledge in the language of instruction and the local language are among other requirements. If you have specific questions, contact the financial aid office that is responsible for your intended host country.