Your Position:

What can I do if my parents don’t pay me the amount of their income counted against my BAföG or refuse to supply the required information?

Applicants may apply (Form 8; heed the deadlines!) for advance aid if the parent(s) refuse(s) to provide information about their personal and financial situation, preventing calculation of your needs, or if the parent(s) refuse(s) to pay the amount from their income counted against your BAföG in part or in full. In some cases, BAföG “jumps in” to cover the parents so that applicants don’t have to quit studying due to a lack of finances.

The advance amount is not a regular part of your BAföG; it is more like an alimony advance that the Financial Aid Office pays in place of parents who are liable for maintenance. After consultation with the parents, the Financial Aid Office will attempt to collect the advance amount from the parents. The maintenance provisions in the German Civil Code apply. The advance aid system affords students in need a relatively quick way of receiving maintenance. In certain cases, advance aid can help strike a fair balance between the flat rate BAföG provisions and the applicant’s personal right to maintenance and can thus be taken advantage of by mutual agreement with the parents.

If you think this might apply to you, we strongly recommend that you let us advise you.