How much BAföG will I get?

The monthly amount you get in BAföG is calculated according to a specified needs-based rate and your chargeable income and assets, the income of your spouse or partner and/or your parents. If the amounts are below specified exemption limits, you are entitled to receive the maximum BAföG rate; otherwise you will receive a percentage of it.

The maximum BAföG requirement is calculated as follows:

  • Demand for students living with their parents: € 511
  • Demand for students who do not live with their parents: € 812
  • Additional subsidy for health insurance: € 94 to € 168
  • Additional subsidy for long-term care insurance: € 28 to € 38
  • Maximum demand rate (not living with their parents during their education incl. maximum health and long-term care insurance supplement): € 1,018

If you care for your own children, the maximum subsidy is increased by the childcare supplement of € 160 per child.

Exempt amounts:

Students are allowed to earn an average of € 520 per month in a part-time student job without this affecting their BAföG entitlement.

The limit for asset imputation is at least € 15,000.

Calculating BAföG eligibility is a highly complex, case-by-case process. For that reason, we cannot list any definitive income limits here. The best way to found out how much BAföG you are eligible to receive is simply to file your application!