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What should I bear in mind when first applying for BAföG?

You need to turn in your application in writing to our Financial Aid Office. Or you can apply online.

If the forms are not available, you can make an informal application for starters to meet the deadline. In an informal application, you need to clearly express your desire to receive financial aid through BAföG. You will need to hand in all the other necessary documents and proofs later.

The following forms are required as part of a first-time BAföG application:

  • Student application (Form 1)
  • Educational and professional background (Appendix A to Form 1)
  • Certificate of enrollment as per § 9 BAföG or Form 2
  • Registration certificate (Meldebescheinigung) and a copy of local lease
  • Declaration on spouse’s / registered civil partner’s and/or parents’ decisive income (Form 3) Decisive is the income of the second-to-last calendar year before the grant period (for example: application for BAföG in October 2021 = income from 2019). Please provide proof of each respective party’s income (e.g. tax return, ALG decision, sickness pay decision, etc.).
  • Where applicable, proof of siblings’ education status, especially training contracts for siblings in vocational training and university enrollment certificates.

Foreign students must provide a full copy of their residence permit (e.g. passport or decision of the foreigners’ registration office). Where applicable, Form 4 must also be provided.

For a renewal contract, the same forms and proofs are required, except for the document showing your educational and professional background. You can provide your certificate of enrollment within the first month after your studies begin.

Applicants seeking financial aid after the 5th semester must additionally provide a copy of an intermediate exam certificate (e.g. preliminary exam) scheduled for the 4th semester and taken by the end of the 4th semester. However, you may also submit a grade transcript (Form 5) showing that you have earned all the credit requirements of the 4th semester – or of the respective semester if you are applying for financial aid later than the 4th semester.

You can find all the necessary application forms on the 4th floor of the Studentenwerk headquarters, in our Student Financing Service Office, or at our branch in Zittau. All the forms are also available for download at


You can hand in your application in person or send it by mail as well as file it online or drop it in the Studentenwerk mailbox (main entrance or 4th floor of our headquarters).