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Who is eligible to receive BAföG?

In general, you are eligible to receive BAföG if you

  • Are a German citizen;
  • Are below 30 years old* at the beginning of this phase of your education;
  • Do not yet hold a BAföG-eligible degree from a university or technical college (whether you received Schüler-BAföG [BAföG for a secondary school degree] is irrelevant); and
  • Have no or little independent means or income and your parents, partner, or spouse are unable or unwilling to support you with their income.

* In certain cases, foreign students above the age of 30 years at the time of application (e.g. beginning a master program before their 35th birthday) may be eligible to receive BAföG. We are happy to help you figure out if you are eligible!

We are aware that BAföG is complicated and hard to understand for outsiders. But it is BAföG’s case-by-case individuality that makes it so unique.

So before you start pulling your hair out at the sheer number of legal texts related to BAföG, take advantage of our individual counseling option. Why spend hours poring over the legal wording when one of our experts is happy to help!